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The ultimate makeover is beat from the inside out

Face beat.

Brows on fleek.

Never underestimate the power of a great makeover. 

The transformative effects of a beautiful red lip and the perfectly lined eye can raise a woman’s confidence level like you wouldn’t believe. With the expansion of the makeup industry’s offerings from highly pigmented products to lines organically produced ladies of all ages can pick a perfect palette that rocks their signature style. With all the allure and confidence boosting magic of makeup its effects are indeed short-lived. Within 4,12 or 24 hours it will need to be reapplied or removed by the wearer, washing that little “oomph” of assurance right down the drain.

So what is a girl to do when the high-def foundation is gone, or the matte lip color is just a hazy memory found on the rim of her coffee cup?

Reapply of course!

This time though building up the foundation from inside first.

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The Ultimate Makeover:  The Mindset

A mindset makeover can mirror traditional cosmetic services. It will take a clean moisturized surface, color correcting powders, complexion enhancing pigment and setting products to produce the well beat face. In comparison building beautifully resilient mindsets take a fresh canvas, correcting treatments and color enhancing products that need setting to hold everything in place.

The Canvas

Our mindset is the canvas. Mindsets are shaped through the environment, experiences and values often crafted by words, images, sound, and emotions. It also serves as a window to the soul. Mindsets reveal how we see and interact with our world linking to our outlook. Our outlook is a reflection of where we have been and a preview of where we are headed revealing the condition of the inner canvas. Mindset is super important like a well-prepared face because it becomes the base upon which everything else will sit.

Tips for Mindset Enhancement

  • Clean Up the Surface

Take a good look in that magnifying mirror and remove all the dirt and debris from your life. These impurities take the form of limiting beliefs about your value, your ability, or your support. Next, extract harmful labels or judgments others have placed on you.

  • Hydrate

Surround yourself with positive people who think, speak and act on inspiring beliefs.  This environment will supply your thirst with the support you need.

  • Color Correct

Change your view on past hurts, failures, and negative experiences. Determine if you learned something new or gained some skill during previous hardships. If so, celebrate it!

  • Pick a Palette

Time to get creative and color your life to the fullest. Embrace new relationships, explore your interests and make your voice heard. Try new things and share what is happening in your life with others                      

  • Mist and Fix

Get intentional about locking in your new mindset. Watch carefully the relationships that come into your life nurturing the healthy connections and blocking toxic exchanges. Create daily practices that remove destructive behaviors and build productive ones. Catalog your growth and have a ball girl!

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