The ultimate makeover is beat from the inside out

Face beat. Brows on fleek. Never underestimate the power of a great makeover.  The transformative effects of a beautiful red lip and the perfectly lined eye can raise a woman’s confidence level like you wouldn’t believe. With the expansion of the makeup industry’s offerings from highly pigmented products to lines organically produced ladies of all ages can pick a perfect… Read More

Tribe-minded success: How to develop a killer top 5

Success inner circles provide a dynamic environment for passionate visionaries. Visionaries are in every segment of culture. They change our world with innovative thinking, creative design and simplistic solutions in matters of business, art, religion, community and government. The society they affect reflects their transformative touch years, decades even centuries after their time. Are you a visionary? People who envision… Read More

5 Ways Mind Trolls Steal Hope and Crush Your Dreams

Trolls and trolling are not just for caves and bridges anymore. Trolls of Scandinavian folklore and fairy tales of old have often been depicted as creatures that are not quite human, dim-witted and usually dangerous to those they encounter. Trolls can be grotesque in appearance and often pose some obstacle or threat to those they encounter. So, in this quick… Read More

Tassels, Trunks & Transitions

Just a few heart beats before the rising score of Pomp and Circumstance she rises. In a sea of bright, hope-filled faces she stands. With a brush of the hand, she slides the tassel of her cap from right to left in unison with the class. The spectating crowd erupts, the ceremonial music lifts and the joyous tears fall. It’s… Read More

You Failed…How to Get Up and Running Again

“…Failed! “ How to get up and get running again…   It can be obvious. It can be in your face. It can be insidious — whispering to your mind periodically at the most inopportune times. No matter the approach, the unwanted visitor is at a door in your life.   Bad investment. Fad Diet. Wrong job opportunity. Missed opportunity. Horrible… Read More