It’s About You…

Huddled masses, Despondent Dreamers, Tongue-tied Storytellers, Bridled Architects



the middle school bully who lurked the hallways

that unrequited teenage crush that gave you butterflies

the college professor who questioned your ability to be successful

the deep betrayal at the hand of a very close friend

that life changing injury


that first gold star that you displayed with pride

the day you met your best friend

that very first kiss and all its emotion

the first paycheck elaborate spending plan

the wonder of your newborn and those amazing little footprints

the tears of celebration shared with a neighbor

that life changing decision

I do and I’d like to share stories with you.

Our Pleasure. Our Pain. Our Power. Our Place.

Wanda Lovale is an underground poet,

captivated wife, inspirational and

slightly obsessed mother, Zion native.