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The Simplest Way to Make the Best Soup

Nothing warms the heart, hands and soul like a great cup of soup. In a simple steamy 8 ounces you can find a powerful nutritional mix of proteins, veggies, fiber and good fat that satisfy the soul and heal all the way down to the cellular level.  Whether it’s a mix of locally grown vegetables and fresh herbs, a hearty combination of meats and root veggies or squash and fruit combined with exotic spices the whole nutritional power of soup rests warmly in the hands of partakers both near and far.

This all-in-one meal holds numerous health benefits as well. For those finicky eaters, soup has been a great way to combine those “dreaded” veggies with beans, grains, meat and stock to at least get a serving or two of the recommended daily allowances of earth’s bounty. In addition, the popularity of bone broth has taken center stage in the clean eating community. In Dr Axe’s post on the significance of bone broth, he shares extensively on the healing properties of soup stock alone.

Bone broth alone is known to inhibit infection, heal the gut, decrease inflammation and joint pain and promote healthy hair and nail growth. Not to mention it’s easy to make and easy on the wallet.

Now ponder the multiplied potency of our personal fave add-ins like avocado, sage, pumpkin, coconut or even apple. Soup is now an unstoppable force all in the cup in your hand! Are you geeked about soup yet?! This is why I wanted to share simple ways to harness the power of soup in kitchens, break rooms and dorms across the country. Are you ready? Lets go!

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One stop, one pot…the crockpot!

Life is busy for just about everyone and this makes meal prep a real challenge. Crockpots are excellent for soup making because of the one pot ease and slow cook time factor. Your next master meal can be simmering while you sleep, work or study. Simply load up the crockpot with your ingredients set and forget for a few hours.

Blend until smooth…

For pureed delights like potato or squash based soups a blender, Vita-Mix or Nutribullet would be another culinary tool to have on hand. Simply transfer all that soup goodness into your device of choice then blend to perfection. Want a total one pot clean up? Then puree your creation right in the crock with a handy dandy immersion blender.

Enjoy the experience

Decorative bowls or motivating mugs are perfect vessels for this fab food. While your body enjoys the flavor and benefits of this master meal, the visual stimulation and affirmation of colorful patterns or inspirational designs uplift the mind. Serve it up with love for family and friends on cool nights or as a first course at holiday celebrations. So, let the yum begin!

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    Thank you for posting this. I love soup in the winter. The bone broth information was something that I did not know. It has many healing qualities that I was not aware of. Will have to use it in the future!

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