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Tribe-minded success: How to develop a killer top 5

Success inner circles provide a dynamic environment for passionate visionaries.

Visionaries are in every segment of culture. They change our world with innovative thinking, creative design and simplistic solutions in matters of business, art, religion, community and government. The society they affect reflects their transformative touch years, decades even centuries after their time.

Are you a visionary?

People who envision that the world could be a better place because of their ideas are not unique. However, those individuals who work tirelessly to create this better world are quite unusual. They see their world as it should be and often reject the status quo. From millennial activists to mommy CEOs we see an unprecedented number of men and women disrupting the norms of how we understand and do almost everything. They are impacting our lives in significant ways, and it is incredible to watch.

Are you a misunderstood, sleep deprived entrepreneur? Are you a driven political activist so hungry for change that you’ve gone hungry to make a stand for a cause? Are you a person of faith accepting isolation for your beliefs while igniting hope in others? If these personas resonate with you may be you’re a visionary.

Visions are powerful and far reaching.  If you have one, you will need the support of a success circle.

Success circles are tribe-like communities of individuals with similar beliefs, passion, and motivation. It is from this powerful group that creators should develop their supportive hub of resources. 

The Top 5 Circle

The five key individuals aspiring movers and shakers need in their success inner circle require a mix of socio-emotional, spiritual and intellectual supporters. They act as a buffer system during times of stress while providing platforms for personal growth and skill development.

The Spiritual Leader

The spiritual leader gives an understanding of divine connections with God. Their role is to stimulate spiritual growth inwardly creating a disciplined life reflected outwardly. The result is a life of faith that responds to higher principles of existence transcending the limitation of man-made systems of behavior and thought.

The Mentor

The mentor supplies knowledgeable instruction within their field of expertise. Their role is to challenge non-productive behavior while transferring skills for goal attainment.  Mentors have attained “the win” within their niche and direct others looking to accomplish similar goals. It is a purpose driven connection generating tangible change with powerhouse results.

The Roadie

The “roadie” offers unique emotional support from an interesting perspective because they are doing similar work with a similar focus. They understand the pressure, the sleepless nights and the thirst for success. This lateral connection of equals supplies an environment where both are pushing and maintaining daily accountability.

The Confidant

The confidant offers a space for vulnerability. Providing that shoulder to cry on during times of crisis, confidants are skilled listeners that protect the dream and the dreamer. Instruction, motivation or guidance are not the hallmarks of the relationship, but it is the emotional haven it provides.

The Apprentice

The apprentice connection is beneficial to personal growth even for would-be visionaries because of the cyclic nature of the relationship. It is within the context of this association that emotional, intellectual and spiritual investments are made downward; and a type of soul-based currency is exchanged. The dividends for expansion increase those linked.

How to Develop Your Top 5

Because these are people based frameworks for success each connection must enlist mutual commitment.  Respective pioneers have the duty of creating links with individuals that can fulfill required roles within their tribe.

1. Reach out to faith leaders and become an active member of a faith-based community.

2. Invest in training through courses or conferences. Make connections with instructors or coaches for deeper levels of study.

3. Build new relationships with like-minded creatives and provide support.

4. Identify a trustworthy friend who listens, honors and safeguards the relationship.

5. Find a “mini me” someone who is doing similar work but may be several steps behind you. Pour what you are receiving into them and watch your life increase.

Success inner circles supply the human ecosystems needed by aspirant leaders to accomplish their dream goals. Do you have a big idea? Work with me to start building your top 5 today.


Wanda Lovale, Transition Strategist and founder of My Power Place works with women who want to discover how to harness personal pain into power.  With over 15 years of experience in both ministry and healthcare Wanda serves the community as a Certified Temperament & Pastoral Life Coach as well as CCRN certified nurse. “Successful navigation of new spaces in life require mindset, health and relationship strategies”-Wanda Lovale.


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